Our services include integral assistance for obtaining, protect and surveillance of the trademarks, including the previous phases of:
  • Search and research for the registration of new trademarks.
  • Preparation of legal opinion reports.
  • Presentation and prosecution of trademark applications.
  • Advice on trademark coexistence agreements, surveillance and monitoring in the use of trademarks by third parties.
  • Trademarks.
  • Patents.
  • Industrial designs and utility models.
  • Copyright.
  • Transfers - Licenses.
  • Litigation related to Intellectual Property.
  • Health registrations.
  • Domain names.


Our firm provides legal advice on civil, commercial and administrative areas with a comprehensive approach proposing a preferential service according to the needs of each client. Among others, the legal services provided by the firms include advice and management in the following areas:
  • Judicial advice. Contentious administrative matters.
  • Constitution or acquisition of companies.
  • Credits claims.
  • Contractual advice. Franchises.
  • Family right. Successions Divorces.
  • Conciliation and agreement in legal proceedings.

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